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You will need to fill this out separately for each person/child you wish to enrol. You will need to have a photo of your passport, visa or birth certificate ready.

Dr Bhupendra Gurung     NZMC 32702

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I understand that by enrolling with this practice, I will be enrolled with the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) this­ practice belongs to. My name, address and other identification details will be included on both the Practice and ­the PHO Enrolment Register. ­

I understand that if I visit another provider where I am not enrolled, I may be charged a higher fee. ­

I have been given information about the benefits and implications of enrolment with the PHO, and their contact ­details. ­

I understand that all accounts are payable on the day of consultation. If this is not possible, I will make arrangements with reception directly as to when and how my account will be paid.

Administration fees will be added to overdue accounts.

I understand that after my paper notes have been entered into the system, my patient file will be returned to me.

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